Web-Based Trading Platform

MintBroker’s Web-Based Trading Platform provides users with a smooth trading experience, with all tools and functionality required to identify the best trading opportunities. Open an account now and access our web-based trading software free.

Why Choose Our Web-Based Trading Platform?

Multi-Market Trading

With MintBroker you can trade stocks or option with our seamless web-based trading platform designed to meet your every day needs, no matter the market.

P & L Summary

MintBroker provides a complete profit and loss summary for real-time account management. This positions our customers to make well-informed decisions when looking to invest into companies.

Real-Time Level 1 Quotes

Our Level 1 market data allows our customers access to the best real-time bid or ask prices for a particular security. This means no delay on pricing information when making important trading decisions.

Rapid Trades Execution

Our web-based trading platform allows users to make immediate trades, with zero delay time. This means that our customers can get in and out of the on market exactly when they need to.

Stock Alerts

Our Mobile trading software includes stock alerts. This safeguards our customers from any unexpected fluctuations in the market, as it enables them to track stocks approaching a maximum or minimum set limit.

Best Use

Our Web-Based trading platform provides both novice and experienced day share traders with the convenience of a flexible and easy-to-access trading platform. Bets of all, it’s free once you become a MintBroker client.

System Requirements

Our Web-Based trading platform requires you to have Internet Explorer 10 6 (or above), and Firefox 11 (or above) and Google Chrome 16 (and above) for web devices.


Our Web-Based trading software is compatible with a range of devices. Meaning you can access your trades through Blackberry, Windows, Kindle, Android, iOS and any smart device with a basic browser.

  • Features

    • P & L Summary
    • Real Time Level 1 Quotes and Watchlists
    • Live Charting
    • Compatible with Blackberry, Windows, Kindle, Andriod, IOS or any smart device with a basic web browser.
  • Best Use

    Works for novice share traders and experienced share traders who prefer the flexibility and ease of access of a web-based trade platform.

  • System Requirements

    • Internet Explorer 10
    • Firefox 11
    • Google Chrome 16 or higher

Advanced Charting Features

Analyze trends using a wide variety of leading-edge indicators and drawing tools. Place, monitor, and close trades, including limit and stop orders, directly from MintBroker's Advanced Charts.

Technical Analysis

Identify trading opportunities by referencing technical chart patterns plus support and resistance levels. Look for opportunities using customized searches based on instrument, time frame, pattern type, and more.

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Desktop Trading Platform

Quickly enter and exit positions, monitor the markets, and manage your portfolio from the highly customizable MintBrokerPro Desktop platform.

Mobile Trading

Access a full range of trading instruments on the MintBroker Trading App. Get the most out of trading no matter where you are with our advanced mobile chart trading.

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Everything you need to manage your account is just a click away. Deposit & withdraw funds from your Live Account without leaving the Web Platform.

The MintBroker Advantage

MintBroker Advantage
No Trade Minimums

Trade as many times a day as you like,
with no restrictions.

MintBroker Advantage
Safe & Secure

Enjoy a safe trading experience.

MintBroker Advantage
5:1 Leverage

Get 5 times the trading leverage
intra-day and 2 times the trading
leverage on overnight marginable trades

MintBroker Advantage
Trade Anywhere Mobile App

Trade in the moment with the MintBroker
secured mobile trading app.

MintBroker Advantage
Over 10,000

Symbols to Short and
Thousands of U.S. shares to trade daily.

MintBroker Advantage
No Hidden Fees

Know exactly how much it costs to trade
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