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bull and bear

Bull vs Bear Market

These two terms are used to describe how the markets are doing in general. They express whether the market is going up or down in value. However, they also denote how investors feel about the market and their future predictions for it. Bull Market A bull market describes one that is on the rise and […]

A Guide to Trend Trading

Trend trading is a trading strategy that uses technical analysis of an asset’s momentum in a particular direction to target profits. What does this actually mean? When the price of an asset is moving in one overall direction, this could be either up or down, that is called a trend. An uptrend is characterised by […]

How to Open an Account

Looking to sign up for an account and start trading with MintBroker? Great! It’s quick and easy to join. Here we outline the key steps you need to take to sign up including what documentation you’ll need to have to hand to register and what the necessary regulations are to help you get started. Verification […]

A Guide to Range Trading

Range trading is a trading technique whereby traders target stocks which are underbought or oversold (also known as support and resistance areas). The trader will buy at the oversold area and sell stocks when they reach an overbought area. What do ‘support’ & ‘resistance’ actually mean? Support and resistance are measures of demand and supply. […]

A Guide to Momentum Trading

Momentum trading is a trading technique whereby traders choose when to buy and sell based on the strength and momentum of recent price trends. Momentum traders will choose assets that are moving strongly in given direction, making the assumption that they will continue in that direction, until it loses strength or ‘momentum’. Once they have […]

Best Day Trading Strategies

When it comes to trading, nailing your strategy is fundamental. But, when choosing which trading technique is right for you, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Opt for a strategy that fits your style and plays to your strengths. The main day trading strategies include: Range trading Swing trading Trend trading Momentum […]

How to Read a Stock Chart

As a beginner, choosing which stocks to trade can feel daunting, however feeling comfortable understanding stock charts can be a first step to success. If you are new to investing, stock charts don’t look like much fun but getting your head round the indicators and numbers is a key skill that you’ll need to find […]

Short Term vs Long Term Trading – What’s the Best Option for You?

What type of trader are you? Typically, we can split traders into two key groups: traders and investors, but what’s the key difference between trading and investing? In short, the most significant difference is the period that they execute trades over. A trader will adopt a short-term trading strategy, committing a great deal of time […]

How Are Millennials Changing The World Of Trading?

Millennials are the largest generation in history: the most educated and (arguably) most entitled of all. They are set to inherit the greatest transfer of wealth ever, and are changing the way business operates with their distinctive lifestyle and spending behaviours. It is hardly surprising that they are on track to change the world of […]

swing trading

What is Swing Trading?

Swing trading is a ‘speculative trading strategy’ in which a stock is held for anything between one and several days and aims to benefit from price changes or ‘swings’. The trading position sits somewhere between day trading and the longer buy and hold investment strategy of trend trading. This ensures that there is sufficient price […]

stock trading

Why is volume important in stock market trading?

Volume is often overlooked in stocks, especially by beginners, but it is worthwhile trying to get to grips with this metric and to include it in your preparation. Knowing what other investors are trading is essential for understanding what stocks are in play and which will likely make big moves. As with most indicators, volume […]


An Introduction to Trading Signals

What is a ‘trade signal’? A trading signal, sometimes called an indicator, is a prompt for trader to act, either to buy or sell a share or asset, and is generated by analysis. This analysis can either be generated manually using technical indicators or can be developed using a series of algorithms based on market […]

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Consider these things before trading the pre-market

It’s common knowledge for traders/investors to know what time the stock market opens. However, not many novice traders know about the options to trade the market during pre- and post-market hours. Up until the 1990s pre-market and post-market trading was used mainly by institutional investors. However, as electronic communication networks (ECNs) became more available the […]

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What is Stock Trading?

You have probably heard the terms ‘share dealing’ or ‘stock trading’, but what do these really mean? We’re here to teach you the stock market basics, to question what you thought you knew about stock market trading and what this could mean for you.   What are stocks? Ultimately, stocks are shares issued by corporations […]

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How To Buy Stocks

So, you’re interested in buying stocks? Now it’s time to learn exactly what that means. Stocks (or shares) are the divided-up unit of the value of a company; companies issue shares to raise money and investors buy stocks in businesses to share in their prospective successes. Trading in stocks can be a good way to […]

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What is Day Trading?

Day trading, or intraday trading, is the buying or selling of shares over the period of one trading day. Day trading most commonly occurs for foreign exchange (FOREX) and stock market trading, although it can occur in any marketplace. Day trading is a short-term trading strategy which requires quick decisions and significant knowledge of the […]

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A Beginners Guide to Day Trading

What is day trading? Day trading is the act of buying and selling shares over the period of one day. It is a short-term trading strategy that requires quick decisions and considerable market knowledge, but the opportunities for profits are huge. Day trading can be lucrative if the game is played correctly, but it can […]

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Getting Started With MintBroker!

Welcome to MintBroker, the online brokerage giving you the power to be your own boss! If you’re reading this, you’re probably new to this trading experience so here’s a quick overview of how we work. Created to give share traders the ability to take control of their own trading experience, MintBroker offers you all the […]